Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a daddy … this age old saying rings more true now, than it ever has.


We’ve read so many articles on super mommies, and its high time the super daddies came out of the cover.


Fathers today have a lot of responsibilities and a stressful routine, but that doesn’t excuse them from playing a big role in the nurturing their kids. Understanding a father-child relation is as equally important as that of a mother-child.


  1. Hangs out with kids daily

    Children don’t just need your money, for them your time is more precious, they believe your time spent with hem is equivalent to your love for them. Fathers who spend quality time daily with his kids demonstrate their persistent enthusiasm and keen interest in their child’s well being.
  2. Loving yet firm

    A father doesn’t get too soft and carried away by love when it comes to principles and rules. If the child has wronged or fallen short of what was expected from him/her, they are looked upon with a frown and dealt strictly.

  3.  They Don’t lose their cool

    Teaching with love and affection is the crux of disciplining your child. A super dad doesn’t let his emotions overrule him and his warmth for his little ones, a punishment that gets too aggressive will make the child rebellious eventually.

  4.  Sharing a loving and respectful bond with spouse

    This plays the most important part is bringing up healthy, happy and respectful children. A super father is not just a great dad, but a great husband too.

  5.  Playing an important role in nurturing kids

    A father’s role in nurturing is quite different contrary to that of a mother. Hence a great father will become a pillar of strength for his kids and help and assist them at every stage in life.

  6.  They are the best guide to their kids

    Children when stepping into the real world are filled with fears and endless confusing thoughts. This is where a father steps in, and makes his kids gain strength of facing the world courageously and confidently.

  7. Influential figure for their kids

    The influence of a father in his kid’s life is an important element in the child’s development. A super dad exhibits positive vibes for his kids so they know who to walk up to or whose suggestion or example to consider when facing difficulty in life.

  8.  Flexible attitude towards child’s mistake

    To err is human, a piece of wisdom we’ve been taught since childhood. However, its best taught by a father to his child. Super dads understand that an important factor of growing up is to make mistakes (sometimes careless and reckless too), however, what a super dad does to make his child realize their mistakes and warns his child sternly that repeated irresponsible attitude will be penalized.

  9. He’s open-minded  - 

    Super dads have a super patient attitude with high tolerance level. They understand too well how time, beliefs and preferences have altered and improvised over the years. Hence they let go what their kid’s generation considers obsolete, and avoid overreacting on what may be taboo during his time but seems socially acceptable now, e.g. body piercings. However, a good dad will try to communicate his dislike in an acceptable manner.

  10.  Practice what they preach

    Children learn best by observing elders. Hence if you teach your child to always tell the truth, he/she should never catch you telling a lie or all the efforts will go down the drain. A responsible father understands the complexity of this matter and ensures he is a living example of his advices and lectures.

  11.  Shares the lighter side of life with their kids

    Children not only need parents who are constantly reminding them about the good/bad and ethics and morals of life, they need fathers who often share a jolly time with them. A great dad will make sure he share funny incidents from his past and also laugh at his children’s jokes (don’t scold them if they get too cheesy, remember you were a kid too once)

  12.  Remember their important days (this is highly important!)

    This one’s a blow to many dads, perhaps because they end up catching the amnesia disease of it-totally-slipped-off-my-mind honey. Don’t let your child feel he isn’t the most important thing in your life. When dads forget important memorable days of their child’s life, it widens the gap between him and his kids and eventually takes a toll on their relationship.

  13.  Never humiliate their kids in front of others (especially their friends!)

    We all have that tiny little inside gut called ego that needs to be considered by others when we interact. So do your kids, scolding them, discussing their mishaps or embarrassing incidents in front of your friends/family or even your kid’s buddies will make him/her get agitated and feel emotionally hurt. Hence, you’ll gradually lose your respect in his eyes. Super fathers assure this never happens