Babies are beautiful blessings that bring in newer roles in our lives. From being a couple, the baby makes us into parents. We experience the different facets of ourselves, some we didn’t know even existed inside of us. And even as we work towards adjusting to this new reality of being a mother or a father, its only too fair that we remain sensitive to the world we live in. This same world our little one will be inheriting from us. And what better way of bringing up the little one and imparting these values to this new life!Let’s bring in environment sensitivity in bringing up our children because when we take care of mother earth, it will take care of our loved ones.


 Here are some easy to do little bits that don’t add to your already heavy work load and yet will go a long way in supporting the environment. Let’s go green!


 DIAPER WOES! Babies and diapers are inseparable, well at least for the first one and a half years. Although disposable diapers offer immense convenience, they have several dangerous environmental drawbacks. Not only do disposable diapers account for a lot of the trash taking over landfills across the globe, but they also pose serious risks to the environment and people alike. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that about 20 billion disposable diapers are dumped in landfills each year, accounting for more than 3.5 million tons of waste (in the US), the statistics are higher in India. The Good Human, a website dedicated to discussing issues related to environmentalism, points out that more than 200,000 trees each year are lost to the manufacture of disposable diapers for babies in the U.S. alone. In addition, it takes 3.4 billion gallons of fuel oil every year to make diapers. What it comes down to is that disposable diapers use 20 times more raw materials, two times more water and three times more energy to make than cloth diapers. Besides depleting natural resources, manufacturing disposable diapers also utilizes non-renewable energy sources. This image shows mother raising a child So, how do we make our contributions, one small but important step to make this entire experience supportive of environmental consciousness?



 Here are our top 8 ways to eco-friendly parenting.



1. Try cloth. While cloth diapers do still have an environmental impact - you will still have to wash them. However, they don’t take up nearly as much space in landfills as their disposable brothers and overall they work out cheaper as well.


2. Not up for the cloth route? There are many other eco-friendlier options that can minimize your baby’s impact on the environment. The Ethical Consumer website ( ) carries a range of guides that rank baby products on their impact. Do look up their disposable diaper list to know more.


3. Disposable baby wipes is the next biggest product we consume while bringing up a baby. These take a huge toll on the environment as they are filled with chemicals. Being aware of your usage is the foremost step in curtailing excessive product use. You could also use other alternatives such as running water to clean up your baby when it is possible. A bit of sensitivity will go a long way, even one wipe curtailed will add up to long term impacts. You could also consider making your own washable wipes out of soft fabrics at home which you are unlike to use in the future, such as old tshirts, blankets.


4. For the willing, there are so many ways to that you can support the environment even as you bring up your baby. You can consider making diaper creams yourself, this is natural, reliable, and absolutely safe and it does wonders for the environment too. Check out these easy recipes on that are natural and environment friendly.


5. Laundry, piles and piles of it is a reality in a household with a baby. All forms of energy - water, detergent, electricity are consumed in this seemingly harmless act. What if one could optimize these resources to the fullest. How? Run the machine but maximize the load so even though the same amount of water is going to be used, you can accomplish more in that. Ask yourself, is it really dirty or usable just one more time? Well, you can’t obviously to this when there is an urgency but there is scope to save energy here too. Lastly, use cold water to wash the laundry as hot water uses a lot more energy. Choose cold, save energy and your electricity bill!


6. Most parents tend to get shackled indoors with a new born baby. Perhaps the thought of venturing out with the equipment, food… the entire paraphernalia is quite daunting but then there is no better way to spend quality family time as well as orienting your child, than spending time outdoors, between nature. Spending time in nature is all of the above, and it saves electricity which would have alternatively been consumed if you were indoors. So take that one hour out everyday, switch off the lights at home and venture out with your baby. Walk instead of taking the car and you save on fuel too! A perfect day in the sun, gets in the vitamin D and saves energy!


7. When you put on your eco-friendly parenting hat on, you will realize that even the food that your baby consumes can support environment friendliness. If you are formula feeding your child, the packaging/ containers can be re-used for kitchen storages or for pots and plants. If you are pumping milk and storing instead of breast feeding, use BPA free bottles instead of plastic bags. Much as you can, try breast feeding your child as that is the more eco-friendly option, once your baby starts eating solid foods, cook your own food as much as possible so you’ll cut down on packaging and production costs of processed and industrialized foods.


8. Buy baby products made of environmental friendly raw material such as wood or hemp for your kids. The idea is to get products made up of biodegradable materialsso you can avoid plastics. Infact, not just as a parent but as a responsible citizen of the world, reduce and completely forsake the usage of products made up of plastics. These are some simple small ways in which we can make a huge difference in our as well as our childrens’ lives. It all starts with awareness and understanding that we have a larger role in our environment to play. Spread the message and let’s support a green environment!

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