Extreme amount of television watching then before.



• Nearly all infants are exposed to television every day for a couple of hours nowdays.


• A report of mothers suggest that their children are exposed to watching television on a regular basis every day.


• If include background television children are exposed to for about 3 to 4 hours of television effects which is not beneficial for their health.




Television watching at a young age can have serious ill effects. Starting two or three years of life are very important in the development of child and parents should be most careful in these years…..



• Babies exposure to television can have serious linguistic and reading problems in future.



• Television also causes effects in attentiveness and sleep issues.



• Television also causes long lasting effects academically and socially in toddlers and children.



This Image shows a kid watching television




Babies learn Socially...



 Babies do not learn stuff via television rather then from social interactions.A newly born is sensitive to social cues and understands eye to eye contact, expressions and voice.These features are the learning material that helps newborn to understand their surroundings. Babies learn from live demonstration than from videos, studies show that babies who watch something live are more likely to recognize it then from watching something on television.





Parents Responsibility




• Start talking to your child, it could be anything a story or how was your day anything to keep their mind occupied.



• Singing also helps your child learn new words, it’s best if done with the help of expressions or making faces.



• Babies also have a tendency to learn through counting objects if you help them learn through counting different objects it helps them increase their memorizing power.