Image description is of kids playing with their toys

Toys keep toddlers and children engage and is a great way of teaching them new things in the early stages of their life. Toys are a good way to learn and good way to educate them, some toys and games are more intellectual which helps them develop their brains to the next level. So it’s the sole responsibility of parents to select the best toys for their kids and toddlers…..








Importance of toys in the early life of babies and toddlers…



1.It gives them a sense of belonging.


For babies toys are something that they can relate to, they love their toys and you can see that their emotions can be seen on the toys like kissing, feeding, hugging etc.


2.It helps them develop various motor skills.


Toys help develop various motor skills in toddlers and children…..these motor skills can be crawling, running etc or fine motor skills which basically involve movement with wrist, toes, feet, arms etc.


3.Helps them develop emotionally and socially.


Kids and toddlers also learn develop themselves socially and mentally with the help of toys they show respect to their toys, talk to them, recognize them and if they are taken away they start to cry….all these aspects are equally important to help them develop to the next level.


4.Develops various cognitive skills.


There are various games and toys for young ones that help built memory power through recognizing, sound, attention or thinking….these are the core skills for a baby that really distinguishes him/her from other babies if done through proper knowledge and understanding.



Parents Responsibility to select toys….



1.Find the toys regarding their age.


Parents should look upto the child and provide toys that suit his/her requirements according to the age, if the child is newborn and parents provide him with toys of a three year old the kid will probably will take no interest or will end up throwing the toy.


2.Parents should know their childs interest.


Another very important responsibility of parents is to know their childs interest, every child gives some sign at the early age that will make you judge your childs requirements. For eg- if your child often plays with bat and ball or he really enjoys watching cricket you must know that he is a sports kid so find the toys accordingly.




A lot of toys in the market contains plastic which could be harmful for your kids as it has a risk of causing cancer, some toys are also have steel so there is a chance of getting injured or cut. Make sure that your baby’s protection is your first priority.


4.Offer varieties.


Babies have a short attention span so they get boared easily so make sure that your baby has a variety of toys and games around him all the time to keep his mind occupied and interested




Toys can be a way to communicate and teach your kids a lot of things and they are necessary part of a childhood. We can also teach them how to take care of their toys and punish them accordingly if they dont. This teaches them to take care of and respect their belongings.So toys can become a first step for a growing child to learn various things.