Enhance your baby's brain and make them shine!



Babies develop at their own speed however that should not discourage parents effort to stimulate their brain. Babies develop large muscle control during the early stages and with course of time they start to recognize familiar faces and communicate with gestures like crying,babble etc.

According to studies a baby’s brain develops quicker by indulging in various fun activities like talking,playing,reading,dancing,singing etc.Below is a list of some activities that should be performed with your babies to enhance your baby’s brain in developing various new skills.



•Talk to your baby very often


It’s a very important step in stimulating brain development in babies. Mothers especially should talk to their babies about the things around them.




•Singing educational jingle or poem with gestures


Nearly all babies are huge fans of rhymes and jingles singing these with body movement increases their learning capabilities they understand the movement and try to copy the same. Some examples are hi,bye,clap,jump etc.





Educational toys are a great way to help develop problem solving and concentration skill in babies. There are numerous toy stuff and games for babies and small kids like stack rings,building blocks,picture books,bat ball etc.



•Outdoor Game


Apart from home babies and kids must spend time outside playing different games like catch ball in their society area or spending time with locals watching people,trees,vehicles etc. It must be normal for a person but for babies and kids it’s a new and unique experience.


Cultivating your child’s brain might seem a bit difficult but in reality it’s quite simple,all these tiny souls need something of everything and parents just need to guide them and support them so that they develop fresh and healthy and make most of their lives.