All parents can make mistakes and no one is impeccable especially a new parent. If you know some of the most common and important mistakes that new parents tend to make, it'llhelp you inavoiding them.Here are some suggestions - 



1.  Panic very often


 Some parent panic immediately seeing their babies spit, vomit or pee out of nowhere. This is not a good sign for parents as these things are very common and everyone has to go through this someday or other in their lifetime. Studies show that babies pick up anxiety very quickly if reacted in that manner.


2.  Not letting the baby cry


According to study parents usually think that the babies should not cry, this is a myth. Babies are designed to cry, that’s the way they communicate. For most of the time crying is just a routine for your little one but if you think your child is gloomy or dreary or has a fever i.e. anything unusual call your doctor as soon as possible as you know your baby better than anyone else.



 3. Fever in a newborn


According to sources a fever over 100 degrees in the first couple of months in a newborn is a sign of danger. Immunizations are given during the first 24 hours for these conditions but still there are chances of infection. If your child feels warm and the temperature is above 100 degrees call the doctor immediately.



 4. Showing your anxiety to your baby


Babies are very smart, they pick your emotional signals and learn very fast. They know what irritates you the most and sometime they use that against you to get what they want. So don’t give in to them, otherwise they’ll do that again and again to get whatever you want and you won’t be able to stop them.



5. Neglecting oral health


Most of the new parents don’t think about the oral care of babies until it’s too late. Here are some of the tips to make sure your baby has good oral health.



1. Never give your babies milk in bed after their teeth have appeared this causes them to develop cavities.

2. Use a gauze for brushing your baby’s gums and start using a toothbrush when your baby turns 1.

3. It is essential that your infant is getting enough fluoride, fluoride is found naturally in water and if your area doesn’t have fluoride in water then you can consult your dentist for supplement.



Although there are many more tips but these are some of the most common and most important of them, so new parents should always have a focus on their baby, that should be their first priority. Being a parent is a hard job for a couple of months so I suggest you to use our guide and avoid these mistakes.