Tips to keep kids safe this Diwali

Diwali, our festival of lights is the biggest festival in India when everyone, from all religions, all walks of life come together to share and celebrate joy together.

I have come to realise this especially since I moved out of the country a few years back, the time around Diwali is very nostalgic and I start to miss the fun and celebrations together as a family and as a community and enjoy the very joy of giving!

This is also a great time of the year to educate our children, not only that “Good always wins over evil” but also a few things to keep them safe not only during Diwali but also in life. Here are a few tips to keep kids safe this Diwali.

Clothing - 

Clothing plays an important role in our celebrations, not only to look amazing but also to create the whole atmosphere of celebrations. While we pay a lot of attention to how we dress up our younglings, we need to ensure its safe clothing as well. Please make sure that your kids change clothes before lighting the crackers. Dress your kids in body fitting clothes so that there are fewer chances of cloth catching fire from a diya or a cracker. Avoid flowing clothes as they catch fire very quickly. 


Keep water handy - 

We know that as parents we are generally very very careful but its always a good idea to be prepared for any adversities. Keep a bucket of water handy just in case … 


Keep a eye on your kids - 

This is really important. We do tend to let our hair loose during a celebration … an ah a chilled glass of wine wouldn’t hurt … we have worked hard all day! and of course a friend friend to chat with is even better!! while you do this (which is a great way to enjoy Diwali in my view)… do remember to make sure kids are where you can keep your eyes in them.


Diyas and Lights - 

We like diyas and candles … after all its festival of lights! we won’t ask you to not light diyas, all we’ll request is to be sensible and not light them where your kids can potentially step on them while walking/running/playing or get their hand on them.


Crackers - 

There is a lot of debate on whether we should burst crackers and I’m not going to make this political … if you like crackers, please make sure that you buy them from a reliable source and they are branded. A lot of accidents on Diwali are related to crackers. Let’s avoid them at all costs! We do want our kids to love Diwali all their lives!!


First Aid - 

Do keep a basic first aid in your house (where you can find it easily).

You know that these tips are not rocket science! Just a little bit of staying alert and being prepared to avoid any mishaps so you enjoy festivities to the most!!


Onlinekiddieshop wishes you a very Happy and a Safe Diwali!!