How To Deal With Temper Tantrum


Being a parent is very tough job and especially when your child is crying, kicking and creating all types of havoc and you have no idea how to stop it. You think giving in to their tantrum may solve the issue, or you may think giving in to their demands may increase problems so you keeping guessing while they keep crying. So let’s discuss how to resolve this issue which will stop the tantrum and also help you to avoid any future issues.



First it’s important to know why kids throw a tantrum?


Tantrum may range from crying, screaming, kicking, throwing things and many more things. They are equally common for boys and girls of age 1-3 years. Tantrums are normal part of growing and child development. It is their way to deal with frustration or if they need something. Some kids throw a lot tantrums and some never. It is not a bad thing if they do throw a tantrum, because we all learn slowly. Sometimes kids may throw tantrums on smallest of the reasons, that’s why as a parents it’s always needed that you stay calm and composed.


Now you can try to avoid facing tantrum all together. Here are some ideas:


1. Give them a lot of attention: Kids love to be surrounded with people they love. Sometimes all they seek is your attention. So try to give a lot of positive attention to them.

2. Give them choice: Don’t just always select what to eat and wear for them. Sometimes try taking their advice. Ask them what they want to eat or what they want to wear.

3. Keep Off-Limit objects out of sight: There are always things that you want to keep away from kids. Try to keep these things out of their sight, otherwise they might want it and may even throw a tantrum to get it.

4. Distract your child: This is the oldest trick that can be used to avoid tantrums. Distract them with other things, try changing their environment.

5. Know your kids limits: It is very important that you know your kids limits. If they are tired and you are taking them shopping or trip, or if they are energized and you force them to sleep, of course they will throw a tantrum. So try avoiding that.


What to do if they do throw a tantrum? Here are some ideas:


1. Stay calm: When your child does throw a tantrum, first thing to keep in mind is keep calm. Hold your child close and try sooth him/her, so that they don’t hurt themselves. Change his/her environment.

2. Try humor: For mild tantrum try to distract them with humor. Kids forget easily so if you can make them smile they may forget they were crying.

3. Help in removing frustration: Kids mostly throw tantrum because they are frustrated, so try to help them by resolving their frustration. If they are uncomfortable or are felling hot/cold try changing environment. If they can’t do something help them to do it. But in cases of safety always keep safety a priority.

4. Don’t always give in to their demands: Most parent give in to their kids throwing tantrums in public to reduce embarrassment. Never do that, because then it will become their habit. Try to understand that if what they want is what they need.

5. Never take tantrums personally: Sometimes kids starts crying in someone’s presence and stop after they leave. Don’t take these things personally. It’s not that they hate you, it’s just that they are not familiar with you give them time, or try bribing them into liking you.


Kid’s tantrum are kind of a learning process for both kids as well as parents. Kids learn to self-control and how to deal with frustration. And parents learns is their kids likes and dislikes. This is how parents and kids grow close to each other learning about each other bit by bit.