6 Things That Should Not Be Said To A Growing Child


Parents to their child are everything. They are their Mom and Dad, they are their guardians, they are their protectors, and they are their counselors. That is why as a parents we should always remember that how we raise them is how they will raise their kids one day. We should always remember that how we carry ourselves in their presence is how they carry themselves in our absence. And most importantly how we treat them is how they treat others. 


So it is very important that we always carry kind and calm demeanor in their presence. We should always smile for them to see, because how we talk, walk, work this all creates a shadow in their mind, and this shadow is what they follow and create their persona.


Sometimes parents in their fit of anger says something that they don’t mean but it creates a big impact on their kid’s life, because they don’t want to hear thing like that. This impact may harm them in many ways, it may break their confidence, and it may break their heart. So that is why it is important to know what should never be said to your kid’s. Things like:



“Stop Crying”

Everyone cries. This is how we know that we feel hurt, physically or mentally. And this is how we show others that we are hurt. But if you ask your kids to “stop crying” or “men don’t cry” you will never know when they are hurt. You may hurt them unintentionally and never find out about that.

If your kid is hurt and you shout at them to stop crying they won’t ever tell again if they hurt for fear of your yelling. That is why we should always console a crying kid in calm manner, and explain them kindly.



“You’re Fat”

This is the most common thing parents says to their children in their young ages. But being fat is not a big deal and this situation can be handled in other ways too. Yelling at them or teasing them non-stop about this not supportive. This type of treatment creates inferiority complex among children, because among children it is common to get teased by each other, but if teaser is an adult it leaves a dark shadow in their heart.



“You Are a Bad Kid”

Everybody in their younger ages does mischiefs, sometimes they are caught sometimes not. So telling your kid that they are bad kid as a whole person will leave them feeling dejected. Nobody is bad person, their actions may at sometimes be bad but that doesn’t make them a bad person. That is why you can scold them for their actions but not as a whole person.



“You Are Worthless”

This is something that should never be said. Everyone fails once, and if you say they are worthless for their failure you may lose them, because as your child your approval is what they always seek, but if you yourself deject them, they will go somewhere else to seek that approval. You can console them for their failures but never say they are worthless.



“Big Boys/Girls Don’t Get Scared”

You should never say something like this because everyone is scared of something. You should not tell them to not be scared, what you should tell them is to get over their fears and surpass it because that is the way forward.



“See Him/Her…”

Never compare your kid’s short comings with other kid’s talent. This is something parents always do to motivate their kids. But this is not the right way for motivation. By comparing your kid’s short comings with others talent you are ignoring your kids talent. Always remember you don’t have to be good in everything, you just need to excel in one thing for success.



Love your children for what they are not what you want them to be. Encourage them because you are all they have and hope to be.