Are you a tired mom? Find out why...


Are you a mom with young children who is always tired and fatigued? Do you always look worn out? Do you often complain about aches and pains? Are you often late? If answer to any two is yes, then this is for you … read on!




Today we will discuss why Moms are always tired. The theory behind their being always tired, worn out, and inefficient in their work is “Hyper-Vigilance”. Hyper-Vigilance is defines as an enhanced state of sensory sensitivity accompanied by an exaggerated intensity of behaviors whose purpose is to detect threats. Hyper-Vigilance denotes a constant scanning of the environment for possible threats, which leads to mental exhaustion and abnormally increased awareness.


We know that a mom with young kid is always worried for their kid’s safety which unintentionally brings them in Hyper-Vigilance state. They always keep a part of their attention on the kid, even while working. This leads to inefficiency in their work and huge mental exhaustion.



By the time kids begins to move on their own and explore their environment, things which were safe immediately becomes threats to them. For example simple and safe armchair becomes an opportunity for big falls, functional things like toilet cleaner or food processor becomes potential danger.


These things always keep mothers in a flight-or-fight state. This Flight-or-Fight occurs when someone perceives a threat of danger and experiences physiological symptoms that will help them to fight or flee. Anxiety and worries are basically heightened state of awareness. And mothers unconsciously stay in this state. And physiologically this is exhausting.


Less Time for Themselves

Mothers always have less time to themselves, especially for working mothers. Home stay mothers have to give their all-time to kids, they can’t take a break for themselves at all. And working mother have to always wonder/worry what their kids might be doing. In all mothers don’t get much time to relax and refresh at all, which is another reason for them being tired.


Multitasking Takes Its Toll

Mothers are always multitasking. They always do two or three work at the same time. While talking on the phone they cook or change baby’s diaper. This multitasking take their toll on them at some point. Think of it as computer which heats up because of too many process working together.


Therefore we all should appreciate our sleepless and tired mothers for all their hard work and make their life easy as much as possible.