Drinks Safe! This Summer!



Along with summer and a lot of sunshine, also comes the worry about liquid intake and the worry about dehydration. Are you worried mommies this summer? Don’t worry mamma, we have many brilliant ideas for staying hydrated and making sure you and your family has a safe summer.

We know a parent to an infant, you are more than concerned your little bundle of joy's wellbeing, but we also understand that its close to impossible to understand what's wrong, just by the sound of little cry...

Here are some ideas and use it for your adorable one.



• Breast feeding: Breastfeeding is the best for an infant. It not only keeps them hydrated but also provides sufficient nutrients. It helps to improve your baby’s immune system and prevents health problems later in life. In hot weather your baby may want to have more frequent feeds. She will get enough liquid from your breast milk so mommies let him/her have as many extra feeds as he/she wishes. If your baby is formula fed so you can offer her some water but remember water should be fresh and boiled.

• Water: If your baby eats solid food three times or more in a day, water plays vital role in his or her life. It contains fluoride which prevents cavity. Mommies you should give water many times in a whole day. For giving water frequently you can try trainer cup or sipper because a kid wants play in any work. You can check out the range of feeding accessories from http://www.onlinekiddieshop.com/baby-essentials/feeding-nursing/sippers-and-cups.html.

• Natural drinks like coconut water: It is a natural drink. It not only keeps your baby hydrated but also prevents from many disease like constipation, dysentery etc. If your kid is constantly suffering from digestion disorders drinking coconut water provides great relief to your little bundle. Coconut water contains a high concentration of fibre. So mommies this summer prefer coconut water for your adorable one.

• Fruits Juice: It contains sufficient vitamins, so mommies fruits juice could be a good option for your little one. Mumma but it also contains natural sugar and acid so it can decay your little one’s teeth. Therefore, mix some more water in juice and give your little one at the time of meal.

• Cold drinks: It is not good for your little angel. It may contains chemicals and does not have any nutrients and all. So avoid at all times.

• Homemade drinks: Mommies in this summer you can make lassi, banana shake, mango shake, lemon water for your little one and see them relish it. It will keep your child hydrated but remember mommies don’t use too much sugar because fruits already contain natural sugar and babies does not need extra sugar.


• Caffeinated drinks: Finally, don’t ever give your little one any caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee. Caffeinated drinks can reduce the amount the absorbed iron from food, especially they are given with meals. As we all know iron is crucial for babies.


So all dear mommies and daddies make this summer fun and full of laughter ... Stay hydrated and safe! Happy summer.