Mommies Don’t Worry In This Summer


Every parents do concern about their child health. They want to provide cool and pleasure full atmosphere for their child. Doing concern is common for parents but who has a new born baby so handle everything in a cool way can be tricky. A new born baby cannot tell anything as adults but can be influenced like adults. An infant can be affected by summer but Mommies don’t worry in this summer. Mommies remember few thing in this summer.



• Choose the right cloth

A golden rule for this summer- “Dress the baby the way you are dressed”. For indoor dress your baby in loose and light weight cloth and if temperature is too high so nappy and vest are good option. Cotton cloth should be used in summer because it can absorb precipitation better than synthetic cloth. For the outdoors light coloured, full sleeved cloth should be used.


• Keep your baby dehydrated

In hot weather your baby may want to have more frequent feeds. He/she will get enough liquid from your breast milk so mommies let him/her have as many extra feeds as he/she wishes. If your baby is formula feed so you can offer him/her some water.


 • Water, Water & Water

Summer is a best time for playing with water. You can put your baby in bath tub and small pool. Mostly babies like to play water games.


• Don’t use cheap goggles

Remember eye protection is as important as skin UV protected sun glasses should be used for your little one.


• Remedy for heat rashes 

Don’t worry mamma heat rashes is common problem in simple home remedy is here ,rose water (gulab jal) and fuller’s earth(multani mitti). Make paste and apply it one skin and rinse after 10 min. Do be very careful because some ingredients may not be safe for your young baby especially for infants.



• Avoid daily massage and too much powder 

Some care giver use too much powder on baby skin because it can be believed talcum powder can prevent sweat. Remember talcum powder can be closed your baby’s skin pours. So use little amount of powder and cool oil like coconut oil.



• Avoid frequent bath

Some parents give frequent bath of baby for making safe from summer but it can make dry of your baby skin.



• Time outdoor activity wisely

The worst time for your baby (and you, for that matter) to be out doors is between 10 to 4 p.m. so avoid it. If some time is necessary so use an umbrella, a hat, sun glasses etc.