Make Your Child Independent Start Early With Self Feeding Habit.


If your little one starts reaching for your plates, bowl and you notice his/her eyes focused on your food and your utensil movements, your little bundle is mentally prepping to eat.


Why is it necessary ?

• It is necessary for your little one’s growth.

• A child being able to feed himself is an important aspect to his personal and social development.

• When a child is in control of feeding, he responds to natural cues for hunger and fullness. This is a huge help for parents, who can be concern trying to figure out if the child has eaten enough.

• A child learn about how to bent its hand to bring hand or spoon to its mouth and how much force it will be required so in this way a child can know body awareness.

• This is a chance to help your child learn more about the taste, texture, smell and temperature of food.


How to handle with mess?

Messy eating and playing with food is normal part for development of your baby. These things can do some help-


• Bib or Apron.

• Cut food into strips or fingers so that it’s easier to pick up and eat.

• Put a plastic sheet or newspaper under the highchair

• A spoon and a cup which can be hold easily.


Be patient – your child will get there eventually. You might like to keep a camera handy to catch the funny side of this feeding stage.