Every parent do many things for protect their young one. They also want to give safe and cool environment for their baby. Swaddling and wrapping play vital role for right development of baby.


New born babies love to be wrapped is because it makes them feel happy and safe, like they were in the womb. When you take away that comfort and familiarity, of course they are going to cry. But you can’t leave them wrapped forever so, to make the transition as easy as possible, you need a plan to keep little Miss or Mr Squirmer warm and cosy all night but with increasing freedom to move as she or he sleeps.


Benefit of Wrapping

1.Wrapping can help babies develop a more settled sleep pattern.

2.Wrapping helps to prevent random arm movements which can disturb a baby’s sleep.

3.Babies whose sleep is disturbed by colic or reflux may be more settled when wrapped.

Safe Wrapping

1.Wrapping needs to allow babies to breathe easily (adequate chest expansion) and allow their legs to bend at the hips. For normal hip joint development legs need to be bent at the hips with knees apart. Don’t wrap legs straight. Wrapping should allow for free movement of the legs.

2.The recommended fabrics are muslin or a light cotton wrap.

3.Bunny rugs and blankets are not as safe because they may cause overheating.

4.Babies must not be overdressed under the wrap. Dress them in a singlet and nappy in warm weather, or a light grow suit in cool weather.

When To Wrap

Whether to wrap or not depends on whether it helps your baby, not how old the baby is. Some babies find it stressful while others find it comforting to be held by a wrap for many months. Some babies do better if they have their arms out, others like their arms wrapped in. Do what helps your baby to feel safe and relaxed and comforted. Once your baby is rolling stop wrapping and change to a safe sleeping bag.