Cloth Nappies vs. Disposable Diapers Battle!


The biggest dilemma that parents face now days is whether they should use cloth nappies or disposable diapers? What is good for their baby's skin? What is a good balance? Which will keep the baby safe and away from rashes? Which will help them sleep better? What is priority baby’s sleep or baby’s rashes?

If these questions have been raking your brain, then you are in the right place. Lets look at some facts here to help you make an easy decision and draw a balance here ...

1. Disposable Diaper are more expensive than

Cloth Nappies Infant kids need to change their diapers or nappies every few hours. So using Disposable Diaper will set you back budget wise before your baby is potty trained. Whereas Cloth Nappies will at least save you from that even if you include laundry detergent and electric and water bills.

2. Cloth Nappies are way better for our environment

Disposable Diapers creates biological pollution in our environment because it’s mostly made of plastics. Whereas Cloth Nappies are ecofriendly pads.

3. Cloth Nappies are more absorbent

Clothy Nappies are more absorbent than disposable ones. Disposable Diapers have a limit to which they can absorb the liquid because it’s made of plastic, but Cloth Nappies are made of cloth which keep s air circulation constant drying it little bit in the process increasing its potential for holding liquid.

4. Cloth Nappies helps protect baby skin

Cloth Nappies are made clothes that is why when it is wet it keeps circulating air a little bit, but disposable diapers are made of plastic, so when they get wet from inside there is no circulation of air in it and baby skin stays in contact of all the wetness in the diaper until it is removed. This causes diaper rash on baby skin. As we know baby skin is very sensitive therefore using disposable diaper harms the baby skin.


So it can be concluded from this that cloth nappies are way better than the disposable diapers for you and your baby. It keeps the baby skin soft and rash free and is always under your budget.

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