4 Things That Badly Influence Our Kids – Must Be Avoided At Every Cost!


As a parent the biggest problem we face, are how to keep things that negatively influence our kids at bay! Nowadays there is just too many things that can badly influence our young minds, and we don’t realize that we play an important role there.

Kids are vulnerable and can easily be influenced, they are like a sponge that absorbs anything it touches, so as a parents we need to be careful of what exposure we want our children to have.

Here are a few negatives things that can leave an imprint on our young impressionable minds.











1. Music

The thing that influences each child the most is music. Yeah, don’t be alarmed music is something that every kid listens to, and also they are very much influenced by it. Music nowadays openly discusses deep emotions, love, drama and most importantly has sexual connotation.

Kids (like most adults!) feel connected and inspired by music. Believe it or not most of the romantics are made because of the music.

Now you can’t force them away from music, so what should parents do in order to get their kids in line? Simple! Just keep on adding few positive themed songs in their playlist, it will help them to keep some positive attitude also and may also have some positive influence.


2. Media

Influence of media on kids can be treated as a low level threat, it can be described as something from which you can not escape. Sometimes I feel that, kids should learn about media influence themselves, because it will make them more aware of what should be trusted and what shouldn’t.

Media’s influence on teenagers can be deliberate- for example advertising is often directed at children and teenagers. This means that children and teenagers are increasingly conscious of brand and images.

Media’s influence can also be more indirect- for example media featured with violent imagery and coarse language like in video games and song lyrics. These violent imagery make children follow their example and try doing the same, where most of the times they get injured.


3. Family Fights

If you are a part of a family that means that sometime you agree on matters and sometimes you don’t, and this cause you to fight. Fights in a family are inevitable, some fight more - some quarrel less but each type influences the kids.

Parents are the first role model for their kids in each and everything they do. So as a parent – be a good role model! Lead by example!!

Therefore even if fighting is inevitable try to make these fights as short as possible. Try to keep your voices low so your kids don’t know even if you are having a fight. And always make sure to never fight in front of your kids.

Some parents try to keep their anger to themselves so that the kids are not exposed, this can sometimes prove disastrous because kids are very observant and any inward anger will be picked up with them and lead to them blaming themselves. Resolving issues amicably is very important, this teaches the kids an important lesson, that its okay to fight but its important to fight fairly, respectfully and making up without a fallout.


4. Friends

Friends are the most important part of everyone's lives, especially kid's. In some cases friends become more important than parents, which is usually seen with teenagers. Friends always bring many type of experience which parents can never provide, these experience may or may not influence them badly, but the facts remains that friends are the most influential existence in kid’s life especially if they are teenagers.

If friends of your kids are putting positive influence on your kids you can’t ask for more but if they are putting bad influence you are in trouble. You can’t separate your kids from their friends because it will only bring retaliation from your kids, it may also bring some “romeo-juliet” effect on your kid.

So all you can do is start coping with your kids. If they are getting influenced badly start influencing them positively. You can also directly go to source and try to improve your kid’s friend.

You have to show them demerits of their way, by not lecturing but instead pointing out the issues. Everyone learns from experience and when you experience something first hand you will never forget it therefore pointing out their wrong doings after they have done it will eventually make them listen to your advice.

You have to take these things slowly because it may result in your kid having trust in your advice and it may also improve ways of your kid’s friend.


So there are many things that can influence your kids in negative way but only way to deal with it is to slowly mend their ways.