12 Things You Should Say To Your Child Everyday

As a parents we always think what we should say to keep our child motivated, what should be said to let them know we are there for them in times of need, and more importantly what should be said to let them know we love them.

Parents should always keep in mind that they are the first role model for their kids, so they should always act as a good role model so that their kid can become confident, independent and a kind adult.

There are infinite things that you can say to your kids to keep them motivated, confident and to show your love, so today we’ll only see the most basic and common things that can be said in most of the situations.


1. “I Love You.”

You should always say these words to kids, if possible every day. Kids need to know that you love them, this gives them a sense of security. There may come a day when they take a decision that may hurt them or anyone else, so need to know that they will have you to depend upon. They need to know at least you won’t abandon them.


2. “You Make Me Very Happy.”

There is no truth more important than this for parents. Children are inexhaustible source of happiness and love for parents. And therefore it is important that they know this. As a parent don’t wait till they grow up and leave you for good, tell them as soon as possible.


3. “You Are A Fast Learner.”

Learning is easy for children, they just don’t know it that well. Especially young kids, learning comes naturally to them just like playing. Therefore it is important to tell them that early, so that they can relate it to learning later in life, when it is difficult and frustrating.


4. “Thank You.”

Simple courtesies are sign of respect, if your kid do something good for you, you should thank your kid right away. This helps them to gain a social skill which is very important in life. Doing this you start training for tact and grace early in their life.


5. “I Like It When You……”

Kids are always happy when others praise them, but they are happier if parents praise them. So as a parent you should take time and tell your kids their habits, actions, behavior which you like, any positive action, habit, behavior you mention will motivate your kid to do more of that. This way you can make them kind hearted adult.


6. “How About We Agree To…”

This is about establishing few basic agreements that set the stage for how you work within your family. Having agreements in place help avoid common issues and provides a framework within which to solve a problem when they do arise. These agreements also give impression to your kids that they not being pushed instead being asked into agreeing the establishment.


7. “Tell Me More….”

This is a request for your children to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas with you. It also involves learning to listen, which is a good sign because it shows that you care.


8. “We All Make Mistakes”

Problems happen. No one is perfect. Dealing with problems and learning from mistakes is a vital life skill.

Kids tend to beat themselves up for not meeting your expectations, at times like these it is very important to make them understand that anyone can make mistake and no mistake is too big that it can’t be solved or redeemed. You can also show it to them by your own examples. Giving each other a little room for mistake is always necessary.


9. “I’m Sorry”

Being a parent doesn’t always mean that you are right and your kids are wrong, sometime it might be that you are actually wrong and you have wrongly scolded your kids for your mistake, in these situations it is very important to accept your mistake and ask for forgiveness from your kids.

Saying “I’m Sorry”, to your kids may seem a little excessive but it won’t hurt your pride as a parent. It will also give a lesson to your kids that if mistakes are made it doesn’t matter to whom you should say sorry.


10. “What Do You Think….”

Asking for inputs and giving your kids a chance to be a part of family conversations lets them learn to exercise their decision making skills. Their inputs may not be as valuable as you may think but being a part of family conversations like these gives them idea of what should be done and how it should be done.


11. “I Believe In You”

These words should always be said to your kids. These words may seem simple but they really are not. Sometimes words like these can save your kids from a dire situation. It also give them confidence to take some life changing decisions very easily.


12. “Never Give Up”

These words are most valuable lesson a parent can give to their kids. These words help in every aspect of life. It doesn’t matter what you do there are bound to be some difficulties along the way, some of these difficulties may be big enough to make you give up, in these situations it is very important to remember these words, because only without giving up can you find a solution to your problems.


These are just few of the examples that can be said to your kids to keep them motivated and also connected to you.