Some Great Ideas For Age Appropriate Chores For Kids

Well we all know parenthood is no walk in the park. Parents have to be ready for any situation they may face, they also need to have maturity to handle the situation correctly.

So today let’s talk about a situation most parents try avoiding that is giving chores to kids to teach them how to be responsible and have them help around home.

Giving chores to kids is very important in early ages of the kids, because they need to learn to handle responsibilities and handle work around home. Many parents avoid giving chores because they believe there kid is not ready yet to handle something like that, those parents need to know that getting your kids to do chores is a way to teach them respect and responsibilities. The chores for kids doesn’t have to be hard they can start with easy and build their confidence to difficult chores.

There are some things that should be avoided while giving chores.

• There is no need to insist for perfection. No kid is perfect from the get go. You need to ease into them, you should have more relaxed approach when teaching chores to your kids.

• Don’t delay thinking that it is too early for your kid. Your kid maybe more capable than you think. And most importantly kids learn by doing it.

• Don’t forget to praise them for the chores. Kids love praise, and it helps them boost their confidence, it also acts as a motivator for young kids.

• Don’t be inconsistent. If they are not reprimanded for not doing chores they will start thinking it doesn’t really matter if they do it or not.

As a parents you need to ease your kids into chores. First you should show them how to do it, then get them to help you doing it few times, after which you need to supervise them until they can do the chores without your supervision.

You can also make chores charts for your kids mentioning their chores and weekdays they did or didn’t do the chores. This is easy way to handle the chores duties of kids. But you need to remember that you have to go easy on reminders and deadlines for chores, otherwise you will have to keep managing it to details without it ever happening itself.

The biggest question faced by parents is whether the chores need to be awarded by money. Well it is a good motivator for kids, but as we know young kids don’t really know how to handle money, and they don’t really want to, so motivating them with money may not work well. Whereas kids with age of 10 or above can handle money and also know its importance it might work as great motivator for them. You can see this as their pocket money which they earned themselves, this can work for both parents as they are teaching their kids to earn money, and kids who learn that by earning they have right to use the money as they wish, they also learn a valuable lesson that money should be earned.

Now how to decide what chores to give to your kids. Well you don’t need to be concerned thinking whether your kids can do the chore given to them, they might surprise you. Kids nowadays are more capable then we think, and if they can play high tech video games then they can do little work around the house.

Chores for Children age 2 to 3:

  1.  Put their toys away.
  2.  Pile books and magazines.
  3.  Dust.
  4.  Put their clothes in hamper.
  5.  Feed the pet (if any).
  6.  Bring the newspaper.
  7.  Wipe the spills.
  8.  Carry their plates to sink after meal.

Chores for Children age 4 to 5:

Any of the above chores, plus:

  1.  Make their beds.
  2.  Dress themselves.
  3.  Cleaning dinner table.
  4.  Set dinner table.
  5.  Help in kitchen- with stirring, drying dishes.
  6.  Water plants.
  7.  Help carry and put away groceries.
  8.  Retrieve the mails.
  9.  Pull weeds if you have garden.

Chores for Children age 6-10:

Any of the above chores, plus:

  1.  Sort laundry.
  2.  Sweep floors.
  3.  Help make and pack lunch.
  4.  Keep bedroom tidy.
  5.  Help make dinner.
  6.  Vacuum.
  7.  Sew buttons.
  8.  Take pet for a walk (if any).
  9.  Peel vegetables.
  10.  Take out trash.
  11.  Help washing car.
  12.  Polish shoes.

Chores for Children age 10 and above:

Any of the above chores, plus:

  1.  Iron.
  2.  Straighten up house.
  3.  Washing windows.
  4.  Mow lawn (if any).
  5.  Clean bathroom.
  6.  Cook simple meal with supervision.
  7.  Do laundry.
  8.  Baby-sit the younger siblings.
  9. Change their bed sheets.

Ages five to ten are golden years to teach kids about chores, in these years they are increasingly capable, hungry to learn, and not too much occupied with schools and extracurricular activities.

As a parents you should also keep in mind that boys and girls both need to learn outsides chores as well as inside chores, as you don’t know which might actually help them.