Discipline Your Child The Right Way

Can you imagine the horror of parents of a toddler who is crying aloud, lying on floor of a busy mall because he wants a new toy!

Disciplining a child is always something a parent frown upon and shudders at the very thought.

The reason being that there are no right and wrong ways of disciplining, you can’t be rash yet politeness doesn't go anywhere! Most parents are left to find that fine balance in which they can communicate with their child and discipline them in a way that your intentions are well received and don't go down the wrong route.

While disciplining your child there are always things that have to be thought through before you actually start.

Give a thumbs down to your anxiety and anger and make them go dormant...it not only clouds your judgments and your communication with your child get rough, because of this children may resent you or may completely ignore you.

Before disciplining your child ask yourself -

1: Is your motive correct?

When you try to discipline your child it is necessary you check your own motives first. Doing this will allow you to provide correct and justifiable explanation and make him understand your way. This makes them disciplining easier for parents.

If your motives are pure and genuine your child will also learn it quickly and remember it for life.

2: Choose the right words

When talking to children you need to be aware of what you speak to your children and choose the right words. The reason being any unkind word you may say to them will leave a mark on your child, which will increase your gap from them.

So if you ever feel like losing control while talking to children take a moment alone and cool your mind, and then get back to them in a composed manner.

3: Choose the right tone of voice

When talking to your children the important thing to notice is your tone and voice, while it is completely normal to lose your temper, you must remember that children will follow your footsteps in anything you do.

While talking to them you can’t always use scolding tone because not work all the time which won’t solve your problem but will definitely make your child rebellious and indifferent.

Keep your tone firm and strong, your tone should radiate righteousness while you speak to your children, it will make them think upon your disciplining lesson more seriously.

4: Listen to them

Listening to your children is also very important part of disciplining them.

Listening to their problems and queries make you a part of their life, and may also turn you into their friend, which can help you to formulate a way to discipline them.

Listening to your children also make communication between you and your child pleasant moreover helping them with their queries may also give you in insight into your child’s intellect level.

Its essential that as a parent you do not lose your cool when wearing your disciplining hat. Focus on their problems and make all your interactions positive.

Most of all don't forget to have fun with your children … playing with them, bonding with them makes difficult interactions easy and fun.