When we hear the word we always think what exactly it means to overindulge someone, well its very easy to understand the true meaning of the word if we just stop and think about it.


Overindulging someone means to give excessive care and attention to someone who doesn’t really need it.


Most of the time we see parents overindulging their kids which somehow puts negative effect on their future, and sometimes also on their character.


Most parents don't realize when the overindulging really starts.. they just assume it to be another form of showing their love and care, which is how the whole thing starts...


There is a very thin line between love and overindulgence and as parents we need to recognise the difference and nip it in the bud.


Here are a few pointers -

  1. Providing the kids with things they need is love, but always providing them with what they want is overindulgence.
  2. Nowadays it is very easy to spot kids with high tech gadgets and its interesting to determine whether if they earned it or just ‘got’ it from their parents.


Providing kids with the thing they want is not a bad thing at all, but providing it without any type of compensation or condition is. Kids need to work for something...to save for something … to be on their best behaviour for something … reach different levels of achievement for something … to be celebrated for something!


Make them do chores around the house to earn some extra money and enable them to save for something they've been really wanting, instead of just taking them shopping and paying for it!


Overindulgence makes the children more demanding, and less hardworking and takes away the gratification from buying what they've been really saving up for … it makes them less thankful for what they have and forget that things are to be earned and not demanded. Another downside is that children become more and more dependent on their parents to solve their issues instead of giving it a good shot themselves.


If you look at our mythology, “Bhagwat Geeta” mentions that parents must show the way to their kids, they should give them ways to live life, they should never personally interfere in the kids life, because in doing so they are not letting kids to mold their characters on their own, their interference is actually ruining the mold in which the character of kid is also ruined.


Kids don’t need parents who will only keep them happy, they need is parents to help shape their lives and make them a better, a well rounded person who is kind and truly cares for not just about the things that matter but also about making the world a better place! Let’s keep parenting simple and meaningful and see your children flourish and grow in to humble human beings.